The NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track

Exploring Leadership through Theory and Practice

The Office of Student Affairs & Academic Support Services is dedicated to providing students at the NYU College of Dentistry with intensive leadership training through a series of interactive workshops called The NYU College of Dentistry Student Leadership Track.

This program seeks to equip dental students with the skills, tools, and leadership capacities to effectively lead their peers today, and the dental community into the future.

Deriving from the Leadership Capacities and Competencies developed by the NYU Leadership Initiative, the NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track will provide students the opportunity to explore personal strengths, think critically about how to lead others, develop techniques to facilitate interpersonal collaboration, and proactively envision and articulate a new future for the dentistry profession.

The NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track culminates in an opportunity for students to apply for the three-day off-site Leadership Retreat focused on advanced leadership theory and application. This leadership intensive challenges students through individual reflection and explores the impacts of leadership on the dentistry profession.

Fall 2016 Theme: Finding Your Voice

This semester the NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track will explore the power of finding your voice. Leadership in a group or organization can sometimes mean taking charge. But that sense of responsibility can feel overwhelming to a leader who has yet to find their voice. This semester, we will focus on finding your voice within the college and the dentistry profession. Each skill we focus on will begin with a Mainstage Session profiling some amazing and inspiring leaders here at the College of Dentistry. We will learn what skills they used to find their voice and how they found their confidence to lead. From there we will be offering interactive workshops that will allow students the space to practice those skills. Our overall mission this semester is to show each student that it is his or her personal expression of voice that will allow him or her to be a genuine and authentic leader.


Premier Lecture

By Dean Charles Bertolami

  • Thurs., October 20th at 4:00 pm — 433 First Avenue, room 220 — RSVP here >>>


Mainstage One

Skill: Public Speaking

Making Biological Anthropology Accessible: A Look at Public Speaking with Dr. Timothy Bromage

  • Weds., October 19th at 1:00 pm — 433 First Avenue, room 230 — RSVP here >>>

Mainstage Speaker: Dr. Timothy Bromage  

Facilitated by: Selena Drobnick

A lot goes into captivating an audience during a presentation. And when you are presenting on topics so deeply embedded in complicated science, it can seem daunting to have to explain findings to a general audience. In this chat with Dr. Timothy Bromage we will learn about the exciting work he is doing with mineralized tissue biology and its translation to environmental and evolutionary studies. We will also explore not only how Dr. Bromage works to translate his highly elevated scientific findings into digestible material, but how he makes each lecture entertaining through thoughtful consideration and practice of public speaking skills and techniques.

Public Speaking Workshop

Presentation by: Selena Drobnick, Program Coordinator, Student Life & Leadership Initiatives, NYU College of Dentistry

In this interactive workshop, Selena will lead attendees through the basics of public speaking. We will focus on elements of the voice, body, and intonation before moving on to working on individualized presentations. Each attendee will have the opportunity to get up and “perform” in front of the group. If you’re looking to learn, this workshop is for you.

Public Speaking 2.0

  • Mondays from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Other sessions held by appointment

Have you attended Selena’s Public Speaking workshops before? Looking for that next level of training on your public speaking? Public Speaking 2.0 is half hour sessions that you can schedule with Selena individually to get one-on-one attention surrounding a certain public speaking opportunity. Whether you have one coming up (Case Study Presentation?) or want to work on your skills before you apply for an opportunity, use the link below to be directed to Selena’s Calendar and select any of the open PUBLIC SPEAKING 2.0 Sessions.

*Please note: only students who have attended a Fall 2015 Public Speaking workshop, or the July 2015 and/or the July 2016 NYU Dentistry/Colgate Palmolive Student Leadership Retreat may enroll in these timeslots


Mainstage Two

Skill: Building Relationships

The Practice of Building a Practice: How building trusting-relationships generates success


Mainstage Speakers: Dr. Stuart Hirsch and Dr. Paul Rosenberg

Facilitated by: Selena Drobnick

It takes a lot of confidence and strong leadership skills to build your own practice. But once you get people in the door, how do you guarantee that they become life-long patients?

Join us for this fire-side-style chat with Dean Hirsch and Dr. Paul Rosenberg as they discuss how building strong relationships with your patients is the key to building a successful practice. We will explore how one must shift and adapt to meet different patient’s ideas of the ideal doctor, how developing a persona became a tool for building relationships, and how these foundational experiences with patient care impacted their private practices and careers.

Networking Skills Workshop

Presentation by: NYU Wasserman Center

Very simple courtesies to the people you meet can create respect, success, and lifelong relationships with members of the dentistry profession. It can even help you find life-long patients! Taught by the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development, this Networking Skills workshop will provide students the space to learn about both virtual and in-person etiquette, as well as allow you to experience interactive activities to increase relationship building skills.


Mainstage Three

Skill: Embracing your Identity

Identity in the Dentistry Profession: A Chat with Dean Andrea Schreiber

Mainstage Speaker: Dean Andrea Schreiber

Facilitated by: Selena Drobnick

Currently, 25% of the dentists in the United States are female. And in Oral Surgery, that number plummets. In this chat, we will be speaking to Dean Andrea Schreiber, Associate Dean for Post-Graduate Education at the College of Dentistry, and Oral Surgeon. She will share with us her thoughts on identity and how perceptions of self can be influenced by the expectations of others. She will discuss the challenges and successes she has faced, and give her insights on how to balance your leadership identity and your personal identity at the same time.

Your Leadership Identity

Presentation by: Perla Bernstein & Selena Drobnick

Sometimes we face a struggle when trying to lead a group of peers. Drawing the lines between your personal identity/relationships and how you must act as a leader can be challenging. In this workshop, we will explore the many facets of ones identity, and discuss tips and techniques that make this "switch" smooth and successful.


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