The NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track Fall 2017

Exploring Leadership through Theory and Practice

The Office of Student Affairs & Academic Support Services is dedicated to providing students at the NYU College of Dentistry with intensive leadership training through a series of interactive workshops called The NYU College of Dentistry Student Leadership Track.

This program seeks to equip dental students with the skills, tools, and leadership capacities to effectively lead their peers today, and the dental community into the future.

Deriving from the Leadership Capacities and Competencies developed by the NYU Leadership Initiative, the NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track will provide students the opportunity to explore personal strengths, think critically about how to lead others, develop techniques to facilitate interpersonal collaboration, and proactively envision and articulate a new future for the dentistry profession.

The NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track culminates in an opportunity for students to apply for the three-day off-site Leadership Retreat focused on advanced leadership theory and application. This leadership intensive challenges students through individual reflection and explores the impacts of leadership on the dentistry profession.

Fall 2017 - Buzzworthy Books

Ever typed the word "leadership" into an Amazon Books search bar? Anyone who has ever tried knows that the word alone can generate nearly 200,000 titles available for purchase. For someone wanting to learn more about leadership, it can be instantly overwhelming looking at each author "guaranteeing" to teach readers the most important tips and tricks for becoming a strong and successful leader.

From self-awareness and grit, to power and negotiation, leadership books today cover just about There are foundational classics that rely on theory to practice, and some new and buzz worthy perspectives readers are clamoring to read. Being that you're in dental school, and with the leadership industry producing close to 15 new titles a month, how are you expected to keep up? Let us help you!

Inspired by the plethora of available leadership texts, this year's track will be facilitated by the Office of Student Affairs. Our team will be doing the work of reading a number of leadership books and consolidating tricks and tips into 1-hour workshops so you can focus on the main ideas and solutions.

For more information, check out the schedule below.

A Curious Mind

Presented by Perla Bernstein
Program Coordinator, Student Life & Special Events

Drawn from the work By Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman and their publication:
A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life

Unfortunately, curiosity, the practice of asking interesting questions to learn more, has been interpreted negatively in our culture. To many, asking questions proves incompetence. But why should asking questions correlate to not knowing? Shouldn’t the act of asking questions prove interest, intrigue and discovery? In this session we will discuss how to use curiosity to make your daily life better. Curiosity conversations can help give you a bigger life. They can help you step out of your own world, widen your perspective, and give you a taste of experiences you wouldn’t be able to have on your own.

Reframing Failure

Presented by Maya Ardon
Director, Student Life, Leadership & Special Events

Drawn from the work of Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant and their publication:
Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy

Throughout our lives we spend copious amounts of time mulling over decisions and directions, making plans and mapping out courses; but what happens when everything we thought would be comes to a halt or changes in ways for which we aren't prepared? Join Maya Ardon, Director of Student Affairs at the NYU College of Dentistry, for an in-depth dive of the New York Times' Best Seller, Option B, by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant. In this hour, we'll delve into a conversation about reframing failure and learning to build resilience.


Lies My Leader Told Me

Presented by Selena Drobnick
Program Coordinator, Student Life & Leadership Initiatives

Drawn from the work of Jeffrey Pfeffer and his publication:
Leadership B.S: Fixing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time

Be authentic. Build trust. Support your team. How many times have you heard these things said? These are the traits the leadership industry tries to instill in current and future leadership. But are workshops and trainings endorsing these qualities truly changing leaders?In this workshop we will take a look at the failing state of leadership training, and start to pick apart why standard business and industry practices perpetuate negative leadership behaviors such as hubris, lying, and authority.


The Leadership Gap

Presented by Dr. Staci Ripkey
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs & Academic Support Services

Drawn from the work of Lolly Daskal and her publication:
The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness

Even our greatest personal strengths can sometimes hold us back from reaching our full potential. In "The Leadership Gap", author Lolly Daskal describes the bright and shadow sides of leadership, and explores seven specific leadership styles personified into dual archetypes. Through this, the confident and strong "Rebel" becomes shadowed by the self-doubting "Imposter", while the courageous "Hero" is shadowed by the "Bystander" through fear of rejection. This workshop, taught by Dr. Ripkey, will illuminate Daskal's seven styles and illuminate a system for enhancing our leadership results through self-awareness, humility, and attentiveness.


The Psychology of Success: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Presented by Selena Drobnick
Program Coordinator, Student Life & Leadership Initiatives

Drawn from the work of Carol D. Dweck, PhD, and her publication:
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Positivity and a persistence to grow can allow an individual to attain goals they never thought they would reach. In this workshop, we will explore the teaching of Dr. Carol D. Dweck and her studies on the difference between the "Growth Mindset" and the "Fixed Mindset." This interactive experience will teach students the pillars of a growth mindset, learn the language of success and failure, and gain practical skills in allowing both you, and your patients, to unlock your full potential.


My Leadership Book List

Presented by Dean Charles Bertolami

Come to our culminating Fall 2017 Lecture by Dean Bertolami as he catalogs his favorite and most meaningful leadership titles.


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