The NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track


Exploring Leadership Through Theory and Practice

The Office of Student Affairs & Academic Support Services is dedicated to providing students at the NYU College of Dentistry with intensive leadership training through a series of interactive workshops called The NYU College of Dentistry Student Leadership Track.

This program seeks to equip dental students with the skills, tools, and leadership capacities to effectively lead their peers today, and the dental community into the future.

Deriving from the Leadership Capacities and Competencies developed by the NYU Leadership Initiative, the NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track will provide students the opportunity to explore personal strengths, think critically about how to lead others, develop techniques to facilitate interpersonal collaboration, and proactively envision and articulate a new future for the dentistry profession.

The NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track culminates in an opportunity for students to apply for the three-day off-site Leadership Retreat focused on advanced leadership theory and application. This leadership intensive challenges students through individual reflection and explores the impacts of leadership on the dentistry profession.

Buzzworthy Books

Ever typed the word "leadership" into an Amazon Books search bar? Anyone who has ever tried knows that the word alone can generate nearly 200,000 titles available for purchase. For someone wanting to learn more about leadership, it can be instantly overwhelming looking at each author "guaranteeing" to teach readers the most important tips and tricks for becoming a strong and successful leader.

From self-awareness and grit, to power and negotiation, leadership books today cover just about any aspect of leadership. There are foundational classics that rely on theory to practice, and some new perspectives readers are clamoring to read. Being that you're in dental school, and with the leadership industry producing close to 15 new titles a month, how are you expected to keep up? Let us help you!

Inspired by the plethora of available leadership texts, this fall's track will be facilitated by the Office of Student Affairs and Academic Support Services. Our team will be doing the work of reading a number of leadership texts and consolidating tricks and tips into 1-hour workshops so you can focus on the main ideas and solutions.

For more information, check out our schedule below: 

Mindful Leadership

Presented by Scott Bradley
Program Coordinator, Student Life & Leadership Initiatives

Drawn from the work by Maria Gonzalez and her publication: Mindful Leadership: The Nine Ways to Self-Awareness, Transforming Yourself, and Inspiring Others

True leadership comes from within, a place of deep calm and focus, that allows you to respond to any situation as it arises. This book opens up a world of meditation exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime and that are the gateway to improved judgment and decision making, improved time management, enhanced team effectiveness, greater productivity, and more on-the-job inspiration and innovation. Join us for a guided meditation followed by a presentation from the book about the nine ways to move toward Mindful Leadership.

Talking to Strangers

Presented by Emily Wolschlag
Program Coordinator, Student Life and Engagement

Drawn from the work of Malcolm Gladwell and his work: Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About The People We Don’t Know

Author Malcolm Gladwell we don't know how to make sense of who and what we don't know. As humans, we tend to assume that people are telling the truth so this can make liars hard to pick out. Often, people are too trusting, which can have tragic results. If we were less trusting, Gladwell argues that we wouldn't even leave the house. Should we approach stranger with "caution and humility?" Can how we approach strangers change the outcome of a situation? Join the conversation to figure out how to talk to strangers and understand others more.

The Irresistible Introvert

Presented by Jasmine Mann
Graduate Assistant, Student Affairs & Academic Support Programs

Drawn from the work of Michaela Chung and her work: The Irresistible Introvert: Harness the Power of Quiet Charisma in a Loud World

We know there are differences between extroverts and introverts, but one does not rise above the other as "better." One person celebrates in a social setting with friends while another person works away in a library without anyone interrupting them. They experience the world in different ways, but at the end of the night both find contentment. This workshop will give introverts a new way to look at themselves as well as help extroverts better understand their colleagues' inner strengths. Practical tips for communication and harnessing the power of introversion will be also discussed.

Darling You Can't Do Both

Presented by Maya Ardon
Director, Student Affairs

Drawn from the work by Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk: Darling You Can’t Do Both: And Other Noise to Ignore on Your Way Up

Consider this the field-guide for ambitious women determined to have successful, full careers where motherhood is an asset, not a roadblock. At times, it's brutally honest about the realities professional women face even in a modern world, but it's undoubtedly hopeful and full of real strategies for changing our corporate cultures. This session will go over the advice, tips, and empowering words from the authors to young women in various professional fields

Radical Candor

Presented by Christina Morrow
Director, Advising & Academic Support Services

Drawn from the work of Kim Scott and her publication: Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

Managing people is tough. It can seem even tougher in the nonprofit and social impact worlds when you’re managing a team of people who are trying to change the world (for good). What do you do when a project is late and sloppily done? Or when you know you need to tell your boss that their delays in feedback are setting your team back? Kim Scott examines a new way of managing people and situations in Radical Candor.

Dare To Lead

Presented by Inny Kim
Program Coordinator, Academic Support Services

Drawn from the work of Brené Brown and her work: Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Heart.

What can you change in your leadership style to become a brave leader? Author Brené Brown tried to answer this in her book. This workshop will look at how we can all lead in a modern era that demands innovation in spite of challenges. Learn about the push for vulnerability, listening, and relationship building when it comes to leadership in many forms.