The NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track

Spring 2018 Buzzworthy Books

Ever typed the word "leadership" into an Amazon Books search bar? Anyone who has ever tried knows that the word alone can generate nearly 200,000 titles available for purchase. For someone wanting to learn more about leadership, it can be instantly overwhelming looking at each author "guaranteeing" to teach readers the most important tips and tricks for becoming a strong and successful leader.

From self-awareness and grit, to power and negotiation, leadership books today cover just about There are foundational classics that rely on theory to practice, and some new and buzz worthy perspectives readers are clamoring to read. Being that you're in dental school, and with the leadership industry producing close to 15 new titles a month, how are you expected to keep up? Let us help you!

Inspired by the plethora of available leadership texts, this year's track will be facilitated by the Office of Student Affairs. Our team will be doing the work of reading a number of leadership books and consolidating tricks and tips into 1-hour workshops so you can focus on the main ideas and solutions.

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Give and Take

Presented by Maya Ardon
Director, Student Life, Leadership & Special Events

Drawn from the work of Adam Grant and his publication "Give and Take"

In Adam Grant's Give and Take, he examines the way in which our interactions with others influences our individual success. Using Grant's thoughts on "givers, takers, and matchers," this session will explore participants' styles in navigating success and relationships. Join Maya Ardon for an overview of Grant's take on these different styles and explore the idea of how we benefit as individuals when we serve others.


Using the 7 Elements of Improv to Become a Compelling Leader

Presented by Perla Bernstein
Program Coordinator, Student Life & Special Events

Drawn from the work of Kelly Leonard & Tom Yorton and their publication "YES, AND: How Improvisation Reverses "No, But" Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration — Lessons from The Second City"

Not funny? That's OK! Even the squarest of squares can use The Second City's improvisational process to become a leader who embraces authenticity and failure. Improv uses the theory of "following the follower," which allows any member of a team to assume a leadership role at any given moment. This adaptability is a necessary trait for any professional working in a fast paced environment. In this workshop, Perla Bernstein will use techniques from improvisational theatre to illuminate leadership concepts through games and scenes.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On

Presented by Selena Drobnick
Program Coordinator, Student Life & Leadership Initiatives

Drawn from the work of Jonah Berger, and his publication "Contagious: Why Things Catch On"

Ever see a new product or hear a viral story and think, "Why did that catch on?" In this workshop, Selena Drobnick will discuss the six basic principles Berger uses to describe why certain things become contagious. These principles explore why information spreads, how to make an idea "sticky" and what healthcare providers and leaders might be able to tweak in order to get their idea or vision to catch on.  


The Introverted Leader: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking

Presented by Christina Morrow
Director of Advising & Academic Support Services

Drawn from the work of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, by Susan Cain

This workshop will explore the value introverts provide as leaders and how their unique qualities can be leveraged to succeed in a world that views extroversion as the ideal. Taught by Christina Morrow, this workshop will give introverts a new way to look at themselves as well as help extroverts better understand their colleagues' inner strengths. Practical tips for communication and harnessing the power of introversion will be also discussed.


My Own Worst Enemy

Presented by Selena Drobnick
Program Coordinator, Student Life & Leadership Initiatives

Drawn from the work of Chip Heath & Dan Heath in their publication, Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard

We've all heard the phrase "Change is hard," but is it really? In this book, the Heath brothers make the case that change can be extremely easy if we learn to navigate the space between our two mindsets: the rational mind and the emotional mind. Through case studies and true-to-life examples, this workshop, taught by Selena Drobnick, will ask participants to discover if they are their own worst enemy when trying to institute personal and professional change.


Leaders Eat Last

Presented by Inny Kim
Program Coordinator, Academic Support Services

Drawn from the work of Simon Sinek and his publication "Leaders Eat Last"

Great leaders are those who are willing to sacrifice their own needs and interests to focus on serving others. According to Sinek, the best organizations cultivate collaboration and trust because their leaders build a "Circle of Safety" that creates a sense of belonging. In today's society, millennials especially want to make an impact and want their work to have a purpose. In this workshop, Inny Kim will take a look at how leaders who are willing to eat last can help foster an environment where people feel fulfilled and inspired by the work they do.


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