The NYU Dentistry 2019 Student Leadership Track


Lessons in Leadership from NYU Dentistry's Leaders

This semester the NYU Dentistry Student Leadership Track will explore the power of understanding a leaders' narrative. Leadership within a group or organization can often mean taking charge, but that sense of responsibility can overwhelm a leader who hasn’t done the self-reflection to understand how they achieved their leadership role. This semester, we will be interviewing a number of inspiring leaders here at the College of Dentistry, delving into their leadership pillars that they discovered through their own personal and professional journey.

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Leslie Frances Smithey, DDS, MPH

Finding Your Voice with Dr. Leslie Smithey

Moderated by Selena Drobnick
Program Coordinator, Student Life & Leadership Initiatives

As Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Leslie Smithey oversees the faculty evaluation system, our academic curriculum plan, the annual academic calendar, and our institutional evaluations for students applying for postgraduate positions. Prior to her time at the College of Dentistry, Dean Smithey was the Program Director for the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center GPR Program. In our session, Dean Smithey will discuss the leadership tenets of mentorship, professionalism, ethics, and how they've combined to help guide her leadership practice and find her confidence to lead.


Ronald W Kosinski, DMD

Building Your Future with Dr. Ron Kosinski

Moderated by Maya Ardon
Director, Student Affairs

Ronald Kosinski, DMD, is the Clinical Director of the newly founded NYU Oral Health Center for People with Disabilities and a Clinical Associate Professor at NYU College of Dentistry. A pediatric dentist and specialist in dental anesthesia, Dr. Kosinski’s journey has led him to his new role overseeing a comprehensive new center, staffed by multidisciplinary faculty, a nurse practitioner, a nurse, a social worker, three patient-service representatives, a clinic manager, and a patient care coordinator. In our session, Dr. Kosinski will discuss his leadership principles relating to relationship building, collaboration, and allowing one’s curiosity to lead them to new opportunities.


Robert Glickman, DMD

Rankless Leadership with Dr. Robert Glickman

Moderated by Maya Ardon
Director, Student Affairs

Our perception of leadership is often following the notion of hierarchy and order, but what happens when we challenge our perception of needing to see someone in charge and believing that success is a shared responsibility? For this session we’ll be joined by Dr. Robert Glickman, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Hospital Relations and Professor and Chair of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, to learn more about his philosophy on making mistakes, detaching from rank associations, and leaning into the strengths of individuals on your team.


Staci L Ripkey, Ed.D., Ed.M., M.A.

Reflective Leadership with Dr. Staci Ripkey

Moderated by Maya Ardon
Director, Student Affairs

Before we can lead others, we must first learn how we lead ourselves. Reflective practice is one of the most important skills a leader can develop when trying to understand how to grow and change. In this session, participants will hear from Dr. Staci Ripkey, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Academic Support Services and a leadership development and change expert, about her perspective on self-leadership and how the "ideal leader" model has evolved throughout history.

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