NYU Dentistry Virtual Tour

NYU College of Dentistry's campus spans three buildings along First Avenue in Manhattan — from East 24th Street to East 26th Street — in the heart of the NYU health sciences corridor. The clinical treatment areas of the NYU Dental Center are in the connected Schwartz and Weissman buildings, at 345 E. 24th Street and 421 First Avenue, respectively. The NYU Interprofessional Building at 433 First Avenue houses the NYU Dentistry Student Services Suite, the Learning Commons, the Departments of Biomaterials and of Epidemiology & Health Promotion, several classrooms, and casual gathering spaces. The NYU Meyers College of Nursing and the NYU Tandon Bioengineering Institute are also housed in the Interprofessional Building.




Tour the NYU Dental Center


*Please note that images/video clips reflect pre-COVID conditions; currently, additional health & safety protocols are in effect (masks are required at all times, social distancing protocols are in effect, additional PPE is supplied to providers, and plexiglass barriers are in place as appropriate).

Tour the NYU Interprofessional Building