Past Events

The panel was moderated by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee co-chair Julian Isaacs (DDS ’11). The panel featured financial experts Mira Ness, CEO of NYU Federal Credit Union, and Mark Smith, vice president of wealth management at UBS, who shared tips on personal finance and building capital. They were joined by Marcus Johnson (DDS ’08) and Stephen Lim (DDS ’01) who offered personal insights into becoming successful practice owners in New York City.


NYU Dentistry faculty and alum Fabiola Milord, DDS '94, MPH '13 sits down with Dr. Raymond Gist as he shares his thoughts on being a private practitioner, his insights about being the first and only Black president of the American Dental Association (2010-2011), and his feelings on the state of diversity in dentistry.


Dr. Julian Isaacs (DDS '11) sits down with Dr. Alston. She discusses her experiences from finding a mentor in the NDA as a student to taking the mantle of leadership — sharing lessons gleaned from a lifetime of working in community centers, treating prisoners with a lack of access to quality dental care, and devoting her life to promoting health equity.  

In honor of Women's History Month, the NYU Dentistry Alumni Association hosted "Riding the Waves of Change: Women in Dentistry" with Maxine Feinberg (BA '77, DDS '80, PG Periodontics '84). Dr. Feinberg shares a presentation on the changing demographics of women and minorities in the dental profession. This was followed by an alumnae panel and Q&A with Darchelle Braxton (PG Pediatrics '13); Jacqueline Dikansky (BA '11, DDS '15); and Vera Tang (BA '93, DDS '00); and moderated by Brenda Shah (DDS '20).


Early detection, prevention, and care are crucial to changing its outcomes, and NYU Dentistry's Bluestone Center for Clinical Research is at the forefront of this work. This presentation will provide information on the current understanding of the biological behavior, diagnosis, and management of oral cancer.

Alumni Association President, Dr. Vera Tang (BA '93, DDS '00) sits down for a conversation with Congresswoman Grace Meng. They discuss her journey through politics as the first and only Asian American congressional representative from the State of New York, her personal identity and how it has strengthened her resolve as a leader, and her efforts to combat the recent uptick in hate crimes against Asian Americans.


Join the NYU Dentistry Alumni Association and the Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA) for a panel discussion in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Alumni panelists include Rose Amable (DDS '12, PG Pediatrics '15), Julian Isaacs (DDS '11), Liliana Ortiz (PG Prosthodontics '17), and Cheryline Pezzullo (DDS '15).

In honor of Veterans Day, enjoy this interprofessional panel discussion with NYU Military Veteran alumni as they share their unique military stories, perspectives on veterans issues, and how they have leveraged their NYU experiences in their varied careers. Panelists include: Cynthia Caroselli (MEYERS '91), Joshua Lane (TANDON '19), Allen McFarlane (SPS '89, '92; STEINHARDT '97), Linda Thornton (DENTISTRY '75), Sidney Covington (SILVER - SHANGHAI '19)


February is National Children's Dental Health Month. This month-long initiative by the American Dental Association brings together thousands of dedicated health care professionals to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health, developing good hygiene habits at an early age, and scheduling regular dental visits.


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